Glød & Glæde med Raw Food

Published in Danish.

Glød & Glæde med Raw Food is a book for everyone interested in raw, vegan food who are looking for a helping hand getting started in an easy way. The book contains a thorough introduction to the raw lifestyle and is spiced with personal stories, lots of tips and techniques and a diet plan with a basic ingredients list. It gives you a ton of beautiful, mouthwatering recipes which anyone can make and you are neither required to use unknown ingredients or invest in a lots of new kitchen equipment. 

Glød & Glæde med Raw Food is also meant for families with children as it contains ideas for healthy lunch packs, creative, fun games and children-friendly dishes which you can prepare together with your little ones. An inspiring book for people wishing to live a healthier, more joyful and sustainable life at the same time as having lots of fun. It´s all about food that gives you glow and joy and much more energy than you ever dreamt of.

Page Count: 288

Photographer: Bjarke MacCarthy 

Reader Testimonials

I have just received your book and what a prime example of a raw food-guide! Thank you from my heart for your thorough work with this book. It will be my “bible” and my support as I continue experimenting with raw, living food. I read the Gaia poem in the end and was very touched. I am also deeply grateful for all that life has to offer me here on Mother Earth. Hopefully I will also be able to benefit from your knowledge in the future.

Lots of love, Birgitte Weisbjerg

I tried raw food many times and I have most of the books written about the subject but I have to admit that I wasn´t impressed. It didn´t taste well and took too long to prepare. Well, that was until the moment when I got Glød & Glæde med Raw Food by Vibeke Amdisen in my hands. It is the absolute best raw food book on the market and on top of it, one of the best cookbooks I have read for a long time.

The first part of the book gives the reader some light theory regarding our food habits, preparing raw food, kitchen equipment, etc. It also offers a 2-week diet plan which I recommend if you would like to experience the beautiful influence that this type of food has on your body and mind. The real strength of the book is it´s recipes however. They are sovereign. They look incredibly inviting, they are a real pleasure to make and they taste fantastic!

In our family we already have our favorites which are e.g. ”yummy yoghurt” with avocado, banana and raspberries for breakfast and “beetroot salad with sweet mint dressing” or “living lasagna” for dinner. When we have dinner with our friends, the dishes are wonderful in combination with fish or meat but on an everyday basis we feel great with eating vegetarian. 

I will probably never become a hundred percent “raw foodie” as I believe that my broccoli should be steamed to release the healthy sulphoraphan and that my tomatoes need to be warmed for me to benefit from the life-giving lycopene. I also think that an occasional warm meal is good for us humans living in the North. But you see, this is what is so great about this book. You don´t have to only eat raw food to benefit from it – something the author mentions in the book herself.

Glød og Glæde med Raw Food is a brilliant source of inspiration. It´s a “must have” for all dedicated raw food lovers as well as people who just want to get inspired and motivated. This book gets my warmest recommendations. 

Anette Harbech Olesen – Author and Nutritionist. 

It is a fantastic book you have written! I use it daily and it is my absolute favorite of all the raw food book´s that I have. The dishes are beautiful, easy to make and taste fabulous – and the photos are amazing. I´m so grateful for all the knowledge and experience that you share. Thank you.

Mette Otto Werner

I´m trying out all the recipes and I have only found food that has amazed be beyond words! Right now I´m waiting for the bounty bars in my freezer and I look forward to sharing them with my kids. It´s a fantastic book!

Mette Bau – Journalist & Authour

Your book came a few days ago and I am completely sold on it. So incredibly nice, rewarding and easy to read. Very nice pictures and good and interesting facts. I feel incredibly inspired to make different raw-food dishes now, so thank you Vibeke for writing this book. 

Warm greetings, Sofia Michalski

Although we do not know each other, I would still like to congratulate you on this great, constructive book you have written. I myself am a healing practitioner and personal consultant with 22 years of experience. As I have been working with nutrition myself for over 25 years, it is with great pleasure to read your book which was purchased to get more inspiration for our raw diet. Your book shows your strong integrity and faith in your field. I wish you the best of luck now and in your future. “

Many beautiful thoughts, 

May-Britt Searty – Naturopath, Coach and Yoga Teacher

I just want to say thank you for having written such a fantastic book! It makes me happy and my new life has started!

Christine R. Persson

I’ve been following your blog for a while now and have been looking forward to your book for a long time. I was lucky enough to get the book for Christmas by my family and have been completely engaged in it ever since. It is clearly the best raw food book on the market. Great pictures and delicious recipes! And then you simply just seem like the kindest person so I hope to have the opportunity to meet at some point.

Kindest greetings, Charlotte 

This book is filled with excellent information as well as being a great source of inspiration.

Kelly Selboskar – Graphic Coordinator

It´s a true pleasure to eat through your book!

Jeanette Uhrenholt – Shop Owner. 

If you´re looking for an exciting complement to your healthy lifestyle or if you are curious about raw food then this is the book you need. Glød og Glæde med Raw Food gives you a really good intro to the raw food universe. Raw food is a tasty, colorful and versatile. With this beautifully illustrated book, you get a wealth of exciting recipes and you learn how the living diet strengthens and heals our body and psyche. There are personal story cases in the book as well as tips for fun with your kids. A book rich in knowledge and inspiration.

A book that gives you an appetite for more.

Pia Hede – Artist

Raw food is simply food that makes you happy! As a Therapist, Yoga Teacher and mother of three, I know how important our diet is. Vibeke has added a whole new dimension to eating. Raw food is living food. It looks incredibly colorful and inviting. It´s healthy. It´s something that even my children and my grandfather eat with pleasure! Vibeke shares with enthusiasm, joy and passion her knowledge about raw food in this book and she has helped our family with healthy recipes for our busy everyday life. Thanks Vibeke – my kids are bursting with health and I have more energy than I’ve had in a long time!

Emmamaria Vincentz – Children´s Yoga Teacher