Jordens Kvinder

Published in Danish.

Reading this book will make you feel more empowered than you ever imagined and it will inspire you to change the way you think and feel about yourself as a woman!

Reading this book will make you feel more empowered than you ever imagined and it will
inspire you to change the way you think and feel about yourself as a woman!

Jordens Kvinder came into existence through my deep fascination of the ancient, feminine wisdom and the conscious awakening that is happening on Earth at this time in history. I felt a deep urge to bring what was once our feminine heritage into modern life so that we can re-connect with our beautiful origin. Women of the Earth is my heartfelt message to you about how to re-discover your divine, feminine power and understand the strength of your nature as a woman. 

Read about the four faces of your cycle and the influence of the moon on your body and mind, about sisterhood and celebrating the first menstruation, the various stages of your life as a woman and the goddesses who have symbolized the feminine for thousands of years. Get inspired to live in harmony with the seasons and to incorporate Mother Earth’s gifts in the form of a hormone balancing diet and natural healing methods.

Page Count: 228

Photographer: Bjarke MacCarthy 

Free Moon Mandala Chart

Did you know that as a woman you go through four different cyclic phases each month – all filled with deep, ancient wisdom for you? Did you know that your monthly “cyclic dance” has a huge influence on your feminine nature, personality and general outlook on life?

Charting your cycle takes you on a very beautiful journey within yourself and allows you to live in great synchronicity and flow. It makes you aware of your own divinity and of a timeless, universal bond which connects you and all your earthly sisters.

This MOON MANDALA is my free gift for you.

Reader Testimonials

Imagine being invited into the home of a loving, wise and knowledgeable woman. She knows exactly how you feel and embraces all your questions, thoughts and feelings about what it’s like to be a woman. About the pitfalls of a women’s life and all the endless possibilities. About the wisdom of your heart, the intelligence of your body, your connection to the moon and Mother Earth and all of your ancestors.

Lovingly and wisely she shares secrets with you in a way that touches your soul deeply and reminds you of an inner knowing you have always had but had forgotten. You feel seen and recognized for who you truly are. You are reminded of your own inherent ability to balance and heal yourself. You learn a new and more harmonious way of being a woman in this world and you understand that you are not alone. You understand that you have a huge family of sisters who can and will support you on your journey back home to yourself.

Vibeke Amdisen is the loving, wise and knowledgeable woman who shares all this with you in her inspiring and life-changing book Women of the Earth which will always have a place of honor in my personal library.  All women should read this book and all of my three daughters will receive it as a gift when the time is right. I cheered, laughed and cried as I turned the pages of this beautiful, enriching book which is nourishing to the soul and healing to the heart. It carries the message of a new age in which we once again will come to understand and honor the beauty and the power of the Divine Feminine.

Thank you very much for being one of the Women of the Earth, dear Vibeke.

With love from Eva Andrea 

Dear woman, friend and sister,

I recommend with my whole heart that you read Vibeke Amdisen’s book Women of the Earth.

I enjoyed it as summer vacation literature and was blown away by the amazing amount of knowledge and wisdom that this book contains. It speaks to women of all ages and acts at the same time as a form of reference which I am sure that I will return to again and again.

I look forward to sharing Women of the Earth with my daughter and all my earthly sisters and feel incredibly inspired to start making some of the beautiful, feminine rituals and ceremonies which are described. I especially enjoy the loving sisterly tone in which the book it is written and I feel even more connected to the divine power within me after reading it.

Vibeke and I share the same passion for women and the feminine, conscious awakening which is taking place at this time in history. As women we are being called home. Our beloved Mother Earth needs us to wake up and to share the divine feminine. The soft, sensitive, powerful and magical feminine.

I am seriously considering including this book as an integrated part of my Life Mastery education as it holds wisdom that all women should embrace and integrate in their life.

Women of the Earth gets lots of loving sister-stars from me.

Love & Namaste, Sussanne Wexø 

Dear Vibeke,

I just finished reading your book and I love it! It is absolutely amazing! Wow… A book like this has been on my wish list for a long time and now you have birthed it. I literally can’t get my arms down.

The Feminine has interested me for several years and this book is a total masterpiece! I especially love your descriptions of the Wheel of the Year and all of the seasonal celebrations and your links are phenomenal throughout the book!

What a job you’ve done here – and to the delight of so many readers. I hold the deepest respect for your efforts and will keep my eyes open for your newsletters. I hope to meet you one day.

Lots of heartfelt greetings from me to you,

Grethe Lous 

I have been so blessed to come across Women of the Earth. It was a revelation which quickly led me to even more enlightenment. Thank you for your wording and for waking my sleeping mind.

With Love from Gitte Gry.

Women of the Earth delve into themes that call upon us all regardless of age and which have called upon us for a long time. The book is about woman’s wisdom and primordial force and about what happens when we don’t live in balance with ourselves and the nature around us.

I was particularly curious about the chapter “Cyclical Life” because this is something that I focus on in my work. Vibeke describes this subject really well in her book – the importance of understanding that our psyche and body operate in cyclic periods and not linearly, as we often think. This means that there are times when we actively exteriorize and times when we withdraw as the old must die in order for new life to grow.

Mette Carendi

Vibeke Amdisen has written a great book called Women of the Earth. The book testifies to thorough research in ancient feminine wisdom which can support today’s women through their natural cycle and life stages. The book is packed with information, advice and insights and Vibeke speaks to women of all ages.

The attractive cover and many beautiful photos add an energy to the book that I think will appeal to women who are also interested in e.g. natural medicine, nutrition and yoga. Vibeke is known for her Raw Food best-seller books but Women of Earth must be her greatest achievement in this life time.

Susanne Løfgren

Dear Vibeke,

I think you are brave. And I think you’ve written a very beautiful, love-filled and essential book. What an amazing kind of research you have done.

The other day in my local health food store the clerk told me that she was arranging a coming-of-age party for her young daughter according to your book. Her eyes glowed with enthusiasm and it was wonderful to witness. 

Hats off to you, dear Vibeke. This is truly a book worthy of you – as always when you create something. Delicate, loving, thorough, honest, sensual and intelligent.

Anne Poulsen

Vibeke Amdisen´s new book Women of the Earth is pure balm for the soul and I have read it with the greatest joy.

I am reminded of my feminine, nurturing power as a woman and mother when I read Vibeke’s beautiful reflections and thoughts on life and the relationship between mothers and daughters is very beautifully described. One gets a much deeper understanding of the stages that we women pass through during our life and the description of the menopause also moves me deeply.

I am very grateful for what life has given me. There is so much love awaiting us and as I read Vibeke’s book, I carry just a little more love with me on my way.

Women of the Earth is also packed with delicious, healthy and beautifully illustrated recipes. Try e.g. Inanna’s Chocolate Dessert which is perfect for a cozy time with someone you love. Or indulge in Sweet Chocolate Almonds for embracing life and awakening your inner goddess.

Thank you for enriching me with this book – I will share it with all my fellow sisters.

Birthe Glerup