My personal doTerra journey


My initial encounter with doTERRA essential oils was through a friend of mine. At first I didn’t give it much thought as I had never before come across any pure, non-chemical essential oils that had actually worked. Until this point essential oils had been something that I would buy on a rare occasion for a short-lived, nice smell only.

I am, however, an open-minded person with a deep interest in effective, natural solutions and after doing a good amount of in depth research, I knew that I was unto something very exciting and important. Something that would have a huge impact on not only my own family life but on many others´ as well. 

I quickly realized that doTERRA as a company has the highest integrity and most beautiful values that I have ever come across. I also discovered that their (CPTG = Certified, Pure Therapeutic Grade) oils are far superior to any other oils on the market. Besides being above organic they are the purest and most potent oils in the world. Read more about doTERRA here.


Now, I was ready to go ahead and purchased an enrolment kit. We started implementing the oils in our family on an everyday basis and before we knew it, they had become an indispensable part of our life. 

We began experiencing the most amazing results. Earache would vanish from one minute to the next. Head tension, muscle aches and stomach pain would disappear almost instantly. Foot warts were gone after just 6 days. Our sleep deepened and our energy lifted. We started using the oils as skin care and our home was filled with therapeutic scents from our diffuser. 

Our son soon started loving them also. He would make his own roller bottle blends and began enjoying me putting oils on the soles of his feet before bedtime. My husband who was slightly skeptical to begin with was in awe when his severe nerve pain diminished radically with one single oil application. He quickly got to know all of the oils and soon he found them just as inspiring as me.

Discovering the deep impact that these oils had on not only our physical and emotional but also our mental and spiritual wellbeing was nothing less than fantastic for all of us.


Eventually, I started sharing what I knew about these wonderful oils with everyone interested because – needless to say – I had become incredibly enthusiastic about them. Not only had I developed a true respect for them but I also felt a deep connection with this high vibrating, sacred plant medicine. Almost like an ancient alliance.

We are in a time now where many are looking for healing, self-empowerment and freedom and this became evident when I began sharing. Women and mothers would contact me to know more about the oils and that is how I started working with doTERRA, naturally and organically.

I felt that the oils complimented my work with “conscious parenting” beautifully and helping families with natural health solutions just made so much sense. I started giving personal 1:1 introductions, teaching classes and doing workshops and this is the wonderful work I am now blessed with every day. 



I have created this special e-book for you so that you too can experience the life-changing benefits that essential oils have given my family and me.
I have created this special e-book for you so that you too can experience the life-changing benefits that essential oils have given my family and me.