Raw fast Food med nærvær & hjerte

Published in Danish.

Raw Fast Food – med nærvær & hjerte introduces you to the raw food world’s response to fast food. Through a variety of light and quickly prepared recipes, this book shows how easily raw food can be implemented in an often times hectic everyday life. 

Raw Fast Food – med nærvær & hjerte which is beautifully illustrated and easy to read contains colorful, delicious food spiced and decorated with wonderful affirmations, anecdotes, angels, elves, gods and goddesses to remind us of our connectedness.

The book is aimed at adults as well as children who are invited on a sensational journey of discovery in the chapter on “Fairy Food”. A journey into a magical world where busyness is combined with healthy eating, presence and love in the most beautiful way.

Raw Fast Food – med nærvær & hjerte is a different cook book which brings you plenty of inspiration for an optimized lifestyle while inviting you to listen to your heart, follow your dreams and experience the magic of your life.

Page Count: 128

Photographer: Bjarke MacCarthy

Reader Testimonials

I opened the envelope with your new book in the late afternoon after finishing my work. I settled into my armchair and was completely engrossed!! It’s a wonderful book you’ve written – smaller in format but BIG on many plans.

This book radiates the universal energy of love and holds deep healing frequencies. All senses awaken! The beautiful affirmations go straight to the heart and the beautiful dishes straight to the stomach. The spirituality, the love, the energy, the language, the pictures, the colors – I am deeply touched! I’m sure that many, like myself, will love your book. Congratulations!!

With great gratitude, Marianne Brødsgaard – acupuncturist.

Vibeke Amdisen has done it again – written a fantastic good book on raw food and this time with a whole range of light and simple dishes. 

Not only does the book present a wide range of inviting recipes such as “Mother Earth’s Seaweed Salad”, “Sense-awakening Salad Boats” and “Fresh Forest Drink”. It also contains wise words on how we nourish ourselves in every way. 

All recipes are easy to make and they are adorned with beautiful, life-giving and happy images. As is referred to on the cover, Raw fast food is written with deep love and presence. My very best recommendations. 

Anette Harbech Olesen – Author & Nutritionist


Raw Fast Food – with Love & Presence” is packed with personal inspiration, useful facts, delicious recipes and great photos. Vibeke’s passion for health is startling and in this book every single page is packed with personality in addition to her love of food, mindfulness and personal well-being.

I myself am not particularly considerate when shopping or cooking but the more I read through Vibeke’s book, the more I see her point: It does not necessarily require a whole lot to get more vitality and a healthier body and mind – even small adjustments in an otherwise distressed everyday life can do wonders.

Marie Kaalund – Director of Hideaways Travel Agency.


A book that relates so closely to my heart and my ever increasing health!

Lou Pau – Jewelry Designer 


Vibeke Amdisen has written a great book called Women of the Earth. The book testifies to thorough research in ancient feminine wisdom which can support today’s women through their natural cycle and life stages. The book is packed with information, advice and insights and Vibeke speaks to women of all ages.

The attractive cover and many beautiful photos add an energy to the book that I think will appeal to women who are also interested in e.g. natural medicine, nutrition and yoga. Vibeke is known for her Raw Food best-seller books but Women of Earth must be her greatest achievement in this life time.

Susanne Løfgren


Thank you for a fantastic book Vibeke, it is like a gift from God for us busy people who wish to cook healthy food with fresh ingredients.

Pia Brandtsbjerg – Naturopath